beginner, forgetting, equipped, preferred, regrettable...

In this simplified shorty lesson, we're looking at the 1:1:1 doubling up rule for longer words.

Remember in the last video we looked at the 1:1:1 doubling up rule with words with 1 syllable ( shop, run, swim ) with 1 vowel next to 1 end consonant and when this happens we double the end consonant when we add vowel suffixes: shopped, runner, swimming

Remember how the double letters usually indicate the short vowel sound so we don't get them mixed up with the magic 'e' long sounds.

We can also double up longer words.

Look at these two syllable words ( begin, forget, regret, upset, acquit, admit ). When we add vowel suffixes, we double up the end consonant ( beginner, forgetting, regretted, upsetting, acquitted, admittance ).

But we only double up the end consonant in these words when the last syllable is stressed. Read these to yourself and hear how the stress is slightly on the second syllable "beGIN, forGET, reGRET, upSET, acQUIT, adMIT"

If you can't hear the stress then don't worry, just see the patterns.

begin - we have 1 end stressed syllable with 1 vowel next to 1 end consonant so we double up with vowel suffixes: beginner, beginning
but not begins because 's' isn't a vowel suffix.

forget - forgetting, forgettable
also the past: forgot - forgotten

regret - regrettable, regrettably, regretting, regretted
submit - submitting, submitted
upset - upsetting
equip - equipped, equipping (not equipment remember we only double up with vowel suffixes)
acquit - acquitted, acquitting, acquittal
admit - admitting, admittance, admitted

We also double up the end 'r' in prefer, refer, occur) The 'r' influences the vowel sound and makes it long

prefer "preFER" - preferred, preferring, preferrer. But not preferable ("PREferable"), preferential ("PREFERencial") and preference ("PREFerence") because the stress is on the first syllable.
refer - referred, referring (but not reference ("REFerence"), referendum ("REFerendum")
occur - occurring, occurred, occurrence

Remember when the stress doesn't fall on the final syllable, don't double up.
cater "CAter" - catered, catering
murmur - murmured, murmuring
budget - budgeting, budgeted

With perform ("pFORM") the stress is on the end syllable but we have two consonants so we don't use the 1:1:1 rule: performer performing

If you can't hear the stress, or find rules hard to remember, then see the patterns. Most good spellers don't know this rule but just see the patterns and see that the spelling looks right.

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