Contractions Quiz 2

Test your knowledge of apostrophes for contractions/short forms:

1. What is the long form of "I can't do it"?
a) can not
b) cannot
c) canot

2. What is the long form of "They aren't arriving tomorrow"?
a) They are
b) They are not
c) Theyare not

3. "I won't be there." =
a) I will not be there
b) I will be there
c) I willn't be there

4. He wouldn't do his homework.
a) He was not
b) He will not
c) He would not

5. We shan't be able to stay with you long.
a) We should not
b) We shall not
c) We shall

Press the Answers button and a pop up will appear of your results (make sure you allow the pop up for this exercise)

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