How to Brush Up Your Writing Skills
by Julie Carr

We have a special guest writing this lesson. Her name is Julie Carr. 
She's a freelance writer and in her words is keen on new technologies, adores flavoured coffee and books, and likes to visit places where she can enjoy the latter two at the same time. You can mail her at She also works for some of the writing websites mentioned below.

This lesson is all about how to improve your writing, especially your academic writing. Take it away Julie...

Effective communication requires solid and effective writing skills and today’s instant networking via emails, texts/SMSs, social network chats has made our 
habits terrible. We are using abbreviations, slang, smileys instead of words, and this can all reflect badly on our writing when preparing papers, essays or working on other assignments. Great writing requires a good command of the language and such mistakes are not allowed. You need to work smart and with patience to brush up your skills and gain experience. 

There are practical tools and resources, different dictionaries, spell and grammar checkers, editing and proofreading services that can assist you when improving 

your writing skills. The Internet is a great source of training courses and educational articles that provide tips about proper application of punctuation, character spacing, apostrophes, semicolons and commas, ampersands, describing common mistakes and problems writers are faced with. 

You can find guidelines to help you improve your writing on word, sentence and paragraph level, and even raise your own level as a writer, learning other styles you can later further improve. Some of these resources are more specialized so the information they provide is more detailed, with descriptions and explanations about the specific subject. Better Writing Skills, the RMIT's Learning Lab, the English Style Guide, Jack Lynch’s Guide to Grammar and Style are just some of the sources you can check. The English Grammar FAQ list the common problems in the English language together with tips and advice on how to solve them. 

In addition to these, other online sources provide assistance on polishing the students’ general writing skills. The is full of advice and articles on composing essays, biographies, bibliographies, book reports, letters, term and research papers. 

There are even free courses on creative writing, poetry, essay or fiction writing. The choice is yours. 

If you want to improve the quality of your writing and keep your grades high, your business reports professional you need to constantly work on your skills and improve them.

I hope you found this interesting. Remember to click on the links above and check out the websites she's recommended.