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The Benefits of Right Spelling in Your Career by Linda Craig

The more we look at social media, forums, and other online destinations where random Internet users leave their trace, the more we notice the serious decline of literacy among the digital generation. College teachers have noticed and reported the decline in vocabulary, writing, and grammar standards not only in the USA, but all around the world.

What causes this global illiteracy virus? The era of messaging and tweeting slang has taken its toll on the young population: they can’t write well and they are not even interested in improving their grammar. That is a serious problem that affects their future career in any industry.

When someone indicates a spelling or grammar mistake to the person who made it, they usually get a response like “who cares, your boring with all the rules.” No; we are not boring! We are trying to accentuate the importance of proper writing for everyone who aspires towards a career in any industry.

The Importance of Correct Spelling and Writing

Are you planning to proceed with your education to university? Your professors are going to request several types of academic content. These papers will influence the final grades and the GPA, so there is no better proof of the importance of masterful writing.

Maybe you can pay attention to proper spelling when you’re working on these papers, but you don’t even think about proofreading the lengthy comments you publish on social media? Such attitude can affect your career in any field.

When you’re looking for a job, the hiring managers are going to take a look at your social media profiles before inviting you for an interview. If they get the impression that you’re a literate, serious person who posts flawless updates and comments, you’ll get good points right from the start. If that’s not the case, they will probably proceed with the next candidate.

Let’s start from the CV you submit when applying for new jobs. It needs to be absolutely flawless. If you present yourself well and you get that job, the need for proper spelling won’t stop there. Here are only some of the documents you’ll need to write throughout your career in any area of business:

● Reports – you’ll be required to analyze different issues, problems, and situations on the market and within the company.

● Presentations – if you have any ideas, you’ll need to present them in front of the superiors. Needless to say, you’ll need to have a flawless presentation accompanied by a lengthy document with elaborations of your suggestions.

● Opinions – when your boss is interested in your opinions, he will ask you to deliver them in written.

● Email messages – they are the foundation of every business communication. It’s important to maintain correct spelling throughout the messages in order to leave the impression of a knowledgeable, authoritative person.

How to Achieve Mastery in Spelling

That is not easy, mainly because the incorrect forms grow into habits and you’re no longer aware that you’re doing something wrong. Don’t despair; you can improve your spelling without going back to school to learn the basics of the English language. Here are few things you can do:

Practice spelling, write lots, notice the rules and patterns of spelling.

● Hire professional editors for important documents
No matter how hard you try to improve your spelling through reading and practice, a certain level of hesitation will always be present. If you’re about to submit an important document, such as a business report, case study, an MA thesis, or PhD work, then it would be best to delegate the editing and proofreading part of the process to a professional go to fiverr.com or peopleperhour.com and invest in a good service.

● Practice handwriting
Instead of using a computer keyboard to practise (practice - AmE) proper spelling, try handwriting! It’s slower and less ‘automated’, so you’ll focus more on the form of the words. If you’re not sure how to properly spell a certain word, look it up in the dictionary. When you find the word, write it down several times in a row until it sticks within your memory, or use memory tricks

Remember: your attempts to improve spelling won’t be useless. Believe it or not, intelligent people and superiors judge you by the way you write and spell..

Linda Craig has a master’s degree in literature. She is a professional editor with experience in tutoring. She is currently working at assignment writing service as a freelance blogger.