Thanks to Shireen Shuster from and her Spelling Essentials book: "When you proofread, think about how you have seen the word written before. Does the word look right when you write it on paper? Look at the three possible spellings for each Spelling Word. Write the spelling that looks correct. When adding the suffixes –ary, -ery, and –ory, there are often no sound clues to help you decide whether to use an a, an e, or an o. Sometimes these two clues might help: Use the base word as a clue: brave, bravery. Use a related word as a clue: imagination, imaginary."

Which spelling is correct? Press the correct button then 
check to see if you're right by pressing the Get answer! button.

Check the spelling carefully letter by letter. This helps develop your visual memory.


1:   dictionory      dictionery      dictionary

2:   necessery     necessary     necessory

3:   accessery      accessory      accessary

4:      memory      memery      memary

5:    extraordinery      extraordinory     extraordinary

6:    surgary     surgory    surgery 

7:    slippery       slippary slippory


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