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Very important words for appointments, your diary, meetings etc.

In Module 3 you’re going to:
• revise days and months,
• spell important words like appointment, yesterday, tomorrow, morning, afternoon, evening, o’clock etc,
• strengthen your ability to spell days and months confidently.

Important common words you need to learn: today
last night
The day after tomorrow
The night before.

Which spelling is correct? Press the button then
check to see if you're right by pressing the Get answer! button.
Check the spelling carefully letter by letter.

1:   tommorrow      tomorrow      tomorow

2:   yessterday     yestterday     yesterday

3:   to day      today      tooday

4:     morning      morrning      mornning

5:    affternoon      afernoon     afternoon

6:   evening     evning     eevning 

7:    week end       weakend        weekend


Spelling Test

Press the player above, write what you hear, and after check your spellings carefully.
Then study your mistakes and ask yourself what strategies you can use to help you remember the words.


1. today
2. tomorrow
3. yesterday
4. morning
5. afternoon
6. evening
7. tonight
8. last night
9. next weekend
10. tomorrow morning