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Top Tools that Help You Teach Essay Writing
by Anna Olinger

When you observe the students in your class, you predict that some of them will fit perfectly in an office setting, while others show potential of winning a Nobel Prize. It doesn’t matter; it’s still important for every single one of them to develop proper writing skills. Every profession is closely linked to written communication, and you have a responsibility to prepare your students for the real life.

If you start relying on the following tools, the challenge of teaching essay writing will become more bearable:

Cool ideas come unexpectedly, but they can also evaporate if your students don’t note them down. When inspiration occurs, they should use Paper app to sketch diagrams, create checklist, and spotlight details in images. The users can add colors and graphics, and they can share the outcome with the entire class. When your students learn how to maintain sketchbooks of ideas, they will be inspired to write more.

Most of your students have installed this app on their smartphones, but they don’t know how to use its entire potential. Evernote can be a great support during the research, note-taking, and outlining stages. Teach your students how to benefit from organizational skills. When they collect several online sources, tell them to organize them with the help of this tool. They can add tags and notes, which can be easily located through keywords.

Plagiarism Checker Some of your students will cheat. No matter how hard you try to explain the essay writing process and assign appealing topics, some students will simply refuse to play by the rules. You need to learn how to deal with that. Plagiarism is a serious sin in academic writing. The first step is to reveal it. PlagTracker is a great tool that will give you a detailed report of the paper’s level of uniqueness.

Brainstorming is the key to a successful essay. Teachers commonly leave out the instructions for the brainstorming stage. They expect their students to simply come up with ideas and put them on paper. Don’t be one of those discouraging educators! Recommend Trello – a tool that allows your students to create boards for every topic they are covering. They can add bullet points as they keep coming up with ideas, and organize the flow of thoughts into a logical order.

Google Drive
Don’t instruct your students to use outdated platforms for writing and editing. Google Drive offers simple and intuitive features that support the writing process. Since it is cloud-based software, your students can access it from any device and edit their documents on the go. Their work will be auto-saved, so they won’t be able to make excuses about losing their work. When you want to support them throughout the writing process, tell them to share the documents with you and monitor their progress. Your ongoing instructions will make a huge difference.

Dragon Dictation
You need to make your students excited about developing new skills and exploring different areas of interest. The Dragon Dictation app is a great way to do that! Instruct them to go through different online and library sources, and record their impressions like journalist do. You can turn this into a great team project. Then, they can use those recordings to compose lively papers.

Papers Gear
Let’s say you require an essay on leadership, but you want your students to approach the book from a different angle. Once you provide detailed instructions to the writers at this website, you’ll collaborate with them towards the completion of the sample you need. The blog section is a very useful source of information for educators who want to inspire their students to write.

Essay Writing Service
Before you can expect your students to deliver perfect paper, you should show how properly-tailored academic content looks like! At this custom writing service, you can get unique sample essays on any topic.

There are many tools that will help you teach your students how to write better essays. You won’t get lost among all options if you start exploring the great apps and websites listed above.

Anna Olinger is a freelance editor from Washington, DC. Follow Anna on Twitter and Linkedin.