Over-the-shoulder lesson on commas

Over-the-shoulder lesson on apostrophes

Over-the-shoulder practice paper lessons


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I would like to send you a massive THANK YOU for uploading these videos. I thought putting a comma or a colon or any other punctuation was easy, but it actually needs some careful consideration when presented with the text. These materials have helped so much, this is why I want to say: "If you have to pass the literacy test, this website is an essential tool for you to look at before taking the tests." Thank you again for your help. Jeremy

Hi Joanne, I just wanted to say thank you. I took my literacy skills test this week and passed. I went into the test feeling very calm and relaxed. I found the spellings very easy and I know that was due to the skills I learnt from your website and spelling book. The work on punctuation, particularly commas and apostrophes was very helpful. I
will continue to maintain and improve my literacy skills especially punctuation.
Thanks again Patrick

Thank you so much for sharing your expertise :0)

I'm finding the Punctuation Guide & Workbook very useful indeed. It's put together very nicely and easy to follow and understand. Still have some to read and parts that I need to re-read lol but, It has made me feel a lot more confident with the QTS for sure, thank you. (He passed on second attempt!)

I passed! Thank you so much for all your videos, email support, books and website. I wouldn't have been able to pass with out all your help so thank you very much ^_^ Can't recommend the books highly enough. John

Punctuation has always been a nightmare for me. Thanks, Joanne, for making it clear. So many books are bogged down with grammar terms when all you want is plain talk. Emma