How to Keep Your Cooped-Up Kid Engaged and Learning Online When the Rain is Fallingby Jenny Wise from (Links in text to American resources)

As a homeschool teacher, you and your students probably bring your classroom outdoors as often as you can. When the clouds roll in and the rain starts to fall, however, you have no choice but to move the lessons indoors. But just because your students are trapped inside doesn’t mean they have to be disengaged. Here’s how to keep your child stimulated when the weather isn’t cooperating through the infinite magic of the internet.

For the kid with too much energy
Being pent-up on a rainy day is a drag for most kids, but some positively go wild due to inactivity. If your little guy or gal needs to burn off some energy, there are ways to achieve that without stepping foot outside.

What you need is a little bit of exercise. Try this site, which is filled with educational fitness videos for kids. Part live-action and part animation, it’s bound to get them up and moving. If your child is a little older and wants to get a real workout in, try this. And remember, plenty of those exercises you’ve been meaning to do for your own health and wellness can also work for kids.

For the kid that loves animals
The trick to making a kid love learning is to find something they love and make them learn about it - not the other way around. There’s probably a good chance that your child loves the family dog or cat and even more exotic animals that they’ve never had a chance to learn about. If you have a dog lover in your home, you should know that many organizations like the Discovery company, the American Kennel Club, and the American Veterinary Medicine Association offer online-accessible dog-themed lesson plans that are fun, informative, and targeted at kids. Check out a comprehensive list of these lessons here.

For something a bit more diverse, your kid should spend some time on the - National Geographic Kids page. There, they can watch educational videos, take quizzes, and play educational games that explore the world’s natural diversity.

For the kid that loves learning new skills
Rainy days are the perfect time for anyone to learn a new skill. If your child is curious about something, now’s the time to invest in their future.

The internet is full of free and cheap music lessons for the child that is always singing or banging on stuff like a drum. You can get your kid a guitar, drum set, or keyboard and make it part of your classroom, and then let them go to town with some online lessons. Check out this list - of the 30 best free online music courses or try to match your child with an - online music instructor.

You can also get your kid involved in learning a new language - a skill that they will be forever grateful to have learned at an early age. If your child is more visually artistic than musical or language-oriented, you can get them started on online drawing or watercolor lessons, or if they’re young, work on creating patterns - through artwork (there are lots of great printables online). All of these activities are fun for the child but also, more importantly, education-focused.

Though it’s tempting - for everyone - to hibernate both physically and mentally when there are storm clouds on the horizon, rainy days provide a unique opportunity to learn and stay occupied. Kids need constant stimulation and it’s hard to get that without outdoor activities. Luckily, the internet is vast and diverse, providing parents with many opportunities to keep their child exercised, engaged, and learning.

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