The 8 Best Writing Tools That Will Help Improve Your Writing Skills, and Assignment Writing by Mary Walton

Writing is a fulfilling but lonely pastime, and sometimes you're not sure as to how to improve your skills. Thanks to the internet, though, there's plenty of help that can help you improve your prose without leaving your keyboard. These 8 tools are some of the best writing tools out there today. Why not try them out?

1. Hemingway App: This app is great if you struggle with spotting errors in your work when it comes to editing. You simply paste your writing into the app, and it will automatically highlight errors such as spelling and grammar mistakes It also picks up on things spell check can't, such as run on sentences and overly used words. It makes them instantly obvious, allowing you to fix them quickly.

2. One of the original and best online tools, allows you to expand your vocabulary if you find yourself using the same words over and over in your work. It also offers fun facts about words every day, and information about the origin of certain words. This site will help you widen your vocabulary, and find the right word for just about every occasion.

3. Autocrit: Getting someone to critique your work is essential to getting the best grades. You may not have access to someone else who can help, though. This tool stands in place of that second person, and will give good feedback on your work.

4. Headline Analyzer: A top quality headline is key in hooking your readers. If your headline doesn't grab them, there's no way they're going to read the rest of your work. This handy tool lets you paste in your current headline, and gives you a score on how successful it would be. You can then use the information to tweak it to your heart's content.

5. Grammarix: Use Grammarix to expertly check and improve the grammar of your writing, and essays before submitting them.

6. Writefull This tool can be downloaded into almost any text editor, where it can check your work for grammatical errors on the fly. It can give you lots of information on how to get it amended, and on grammatical rules in general. The best part is that it's free.

7. Word Counter: You'll soon find that nearly all your assignments need to be within a certain word limit. If you struggle to stick to that limit, use this word count tool. It'll show you your count in real time, helping you stick to the goal.

8. Citation Maker Bibliography is essential before you hand in your assignments, but you may not trust yourself to get it done correctly. Use this writing tool to do it for you.

Every writer is different, and some of these tools will work better for you than others. However, it's worth playing around with each of them and seeing what you can get from them. Once you've picked out your favorites, you'll find that your writing skills and habits will improve. After that, well, the sky's the limit.

Mary Walton is an online editor and writer from Santa Monica. She has a blog, read her latest Is Modern Culture Ruining Childhood blog post. Follow Mary on Twitter and Linkedin