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Best Writing Tools by Mary Walton

(Mary wrote this to help people who are doing online courses and need help with their assignments. But there are some great websites and apps to help everyone, Joanne.)

There's a lot of good things about being an online college student. You can work from wherever you are, contact other students from all over the world, and of course attend lectures in your pyjamas. However, there are some setbacks. Being disconnected physically from your professors means it can be hard to get writing help when you need.

Help is at hand. These ten tools can help you when the professor isn't available. When you're struggling with your assignments, give them a try.

1. Write: This app is great if you're on the go a lot. Write your assignments in it wherever you are, and they'll be kept privately on a cloud server for you. The best part is that it's free, which is music to every student's ears.

2. Wridea: Feel like you've got a head full of ideas that you can't sort through? Try writing them down with this tool. It'll save them for you, ready for when you're ready to get back to them. It's a good tool to use when you're hashing out ideas for your essays.

3. Academized: These writing classes point out how annoying it is when you come across an error in an essay you're reading. It takes you out of what you were reading about, breaking your concentration and generally being irritating. That's why they understand just how important proofreading is. Academized educates students to edit and proofread their assignments.

4. Autocrit: Getting someone to critique your work is essential to getting the best grades. You may not have access to someone else who can help, though. This tool stands in place of that second person, and will give good feedback on your work.

5. Word Counter: You'll soon find that nearly all your assignments need to be within a certain word limit. If you struggle to stick to that limit, use this word count tool. It'll show you your count in real time, helping you stick to the goal.

6. Citation Generator: Good bibliography is vital to getting good grades. If you need to brush up on your skills, this citation generator can help. It's a good and free tool for every student.

7. Assignment Help: Struggling to get assignments written on time? Read this assignment writing guide. Also the resource provides useful grammar guides, information on plagiarism and citation creation.

8. Grammark: Do you have issues with writing cohesively? This tool will help you out. Paste your work in, and it will pick up on all sorts of errors. It can tell you if you're being too wordy, whether you're using academic style, and if you're using the passive voice too often.

9. Writefull: This tool can be downloaded into almost any text editor, where it can check your work for grammatical errors on the fly. It can give you lots of information on how to get it amended, and on grammatical rules in general. The best part is that it's free.

10. Hemingway Editor: This proofreading tool is simple to use. Just paste your work in, and it will highlight any errors that have shown up.
All you have to do then is go through and correct the highlighted sections.

These ten tools are all you need to get great assignments written, every time. Try them out for yourself the next time you have an assignment due. You'll be amazed at the great quality you can get in your writing, just by taking the time to make sure you check it correctly.

Mary Walton is an online editor and writer from Santa Monica. She has a blog, read her latest "Is Modern Culture Ruining Childhood" blog post. Follow Mary on Twitter and Linkedin