10 Free Resources for Improving Your Grammar
and Writing Skills
by Maria Castle

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If you're a writer, blogger, work in content marketing, or write emails, essays, business reports, articles, presentations then you always need to make sure you're conveying a clear message when writing, and that means proofreading your work and making sure it's the best possible piece of writing (even if it's just an email). You also need to make sure you're constantly improving your grammar and writing skills.

The following 10 tools will help you become a better writer in a very short time.

1. Graviax Grammar Checker Graviax Grammar Checker
This is one of the best tools you can use during the editing stage. When you write your essay, article, email, or another important piece of content, check it through this software. It recognizes nearly all flaws, misspellings, and grammar mistakes.

2. Text Content Analysis Tool Text Content Analysis Tool
This online tool will provide you with the correct word count in your text, but that’s not all. You’ll also get analytics about the number of sentences, unique words, lexical density, average words per sentence, and a readability index. If you want to get more detailed statistics, you’ll need to register at the website.

3. Verbix – English Verb Conjugation Verbix
This automated tool will conjugate any English verb for you. When you are not sure which form of the verb you are supposed to use in a particular tense, use this tool and your dilemmas will come to an end. You’ll get the indicative, subjunctive, conditional, imperative, and progressive forms in present, past, future, perfect, and all other tenses.

4. Men With Pens Men With Pens
The blog of this website is regularly updated with tips that will turn you into a better writer. The articles are geared towards writers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, but you don’t have to belong to any of these categories if you want to learn from them.

5. WordWeb WordWeb
This is one of the ultimate tools you can use for vocabulary improvement. It is an English thesaurus and dictionary for Windows, which can look up words in almost any program you use on your computer. The fact that you can use this program offline is very important, since you’ll always have access to it.

6. OneLook Reverse Dictionary OneLook Reverse Dictionary
Sometimes you know exactly what you want to write, but you cannot think of the precise word. That’s when OneLook Reverse Dictionary will come to the rescue. This online tool enables you to describe a concept, so you’ll get a list of words and phrases related to it.

7. 3 useful resources:
Guide to Grammar and Punctuation
10 Commonly Misused Words in Writing
Referencing and Citation Style Guides

8. Infoplease Homework Center: Writing Skills Infoplease Homework Center
You need to build your writing and grammar skills from the basics. If you don’t have a solid foundation, you won’t be able to write more complex content. At this website, you’ll get practical tips on how to write better.

9. Grammar Monster Grammar Monster
In order to write great content, you have to master the basics of grammar and mechanics. At this website, you’ll find answers to common grammar dilemmas. The explanations are accompanied with examples that make the concepts clearer.

10. Jack Lynch’s Guide to Grammar and Style Jack Lynch’s Guide to Grammar and Style
Jack Lynch, a professor at Rutgers University, offers his collection of notes on grammatical concepts and explanations, as well as comments on style. He also suggests online sources that contain valuable discussions of grammar, style, and usage. Take the time to explore these notes and implement the tips into your writing practice; this man knows what he is talking about.

Maria Castle is a writer, essayist and traveller/traveler(AmE). She’s passionate about writing, social media and education technologies. Her ultimate goal is to make the online world a better place.