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  1. Watch the video above.
  2. What's the memory trick for remembering -au- in because?
  3. Why do we have the silent 'n' in autumn and why is it fall in American?
  4. Listen to the podcast pronunciation below and read or use as a spelling test

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August, autumn
auburn, auction, audacious, audacity, audible, audience, audio, audit, audition, aunt, aunty, au-pair, aura, austere, authentic, author, authority, autograph, automatic...

because, beautiful, bauble

cause, cautious, caution, caustic

fault, fraud

gaunt, haul, haulage, pause, Paul
sauce, saucepan, trauma, taunt, raucous, raunchy

caught, daughter, taught, fraught, haughty, naught, naughty, slaughter
laugh, laughter,

Also: Australia, Australian, Austria, Austrian
Also: sausage, laurel, mauve, faucet (American. tap in British)

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Letter Patterns Stories
From the video:
I’m going for a walk with my aunty and daughter because it’s a beautiful autumn day.
Paul, Pauline and their daughter felt nauseous after they caught flu off their aunty.